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You Stupo Why Taken for a Ride

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

For all we know, sweeping Seckill gets its name from a word that originated in the online gaming community. When associated with online shopping, “seckill” refers to the quick sell out of goods at very low prices for extremely short periods. The point to note is that a new binge shopping craze for Seckill to date has been in full swing and the Seckill gimmick has been sought after in the rat race of current business world. What a splash! The craze for online Seckill promotion in full swing and whetting you guys’ appetite has swept such brand new and individual online marketplace as Ebay and Topons other than the traditional ones.

Of course, anything goes in the world, but what the hell with the Seclkill promotion gimmick and does it do the trick I do have doubt about that. For me, the promotion thing is far from a big deal and make no difference at all. You know, the promotion items in themselves feature cheap price and actually they always fail to meet every pocket and taste. Take Topons Seckill for an example, it does feature physically gorgeous and marvelous Women’s clothing - Women’s Dresses, the fabulous Celebrity Style Clothing in particular,, but the Evening Handbags involved in the bungling promotion with the vanguard and winsome dresses are by no means qualify as the cup of tea as to the majority of females setting great store by grandiose and avant-garde design and striking creation and fashion. Admittedly, the promotion items give merit to the attraction and stimulus taking into account of the shipping cost and complimentary coupons, but you know, the price is far from the consistent determinant of people‚Äôs purchasing choice and the point to note is that not all consumers are willing to pay for the cheap but worthless or unsatisfactory goods and actually the wasted money is tantamount to the case of spoil the ship for a halfpennyworth of tar. Why stoop to compromise Why not just buy your favorites Why not take advantage of the wasted money to pick another favorite thing

Well, you guys maybe give it a try just for fun, but it is anything but funny being taken for a ride and have you stupo really found your cup of tea You still wanna be the fashion guy crazy about the Seckill promotion goods To be, or not to be, is a question. Anyway, you are the boss now!

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