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Magic Mirror Phone Got Me

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Yesterday I was put on the spot when my young cousin phoned me asking what Magic Mirror Phone is. Actually I have given no damn about what the hell with mirror of phone and I even got confused by mirror and phone thing. Honestly I really couldn’t figure out where he heard about the strange words and the damn relation between mirror and phone with world of difference. But for the sake of saving my face, I searched the internet and suddenly it dawned upon me that the magic mirror phone is a brand new phone having hit the market and made a splash and at the very time I felt shamed of my ignorance against the backdrop of advanced and updating technology era and all the more

Well, with no exaggerating, the multifarious creative magic mirror phones on the Online Marketplace served as not only visual feast but also eye-opener to me. What’s more, at the searching time, I was also attracted by another high-tech innovative phones, such as Flashlight TV Phone, watch phone and the like. They are extraordinarily amazing and awesome. Additionally I stumbled upon impressive news about magic mirror phones from Philips, the renowned brand at the forefront of the electronics world. Here comes the news.

For the narcissists in the house, Philips new 639 cellphone has a special PolyLED external screen that transforms into a mirror and can also dispay animations and caller ID. To be specific, Philips has applied PolyLED technology in the Philips 639’s sensational ‘Magic Mirror’ display screen on the outside of the phone’s clamshell design. With the phone in standby mode, the display provides a clear mirror – ideal for consumers who need to check their appearance on the move. As soon as the phone receives a call or a message, the mirror becomes the display. This can be further discovered on the phone’s primary high-resolution 65K colors TFT display. The Magic Mirror is also a versatile display screen, capable of showing a variety of animations. The display also provides a unique ‘window’ on incoming calls: the Mirror feature or the identity of a caller can be seen through the mirror with the phone’s new IconCall feature which allows fast, easy identification.

Well, I’d say technologies as well as creativity of humans are overwhelmingly powerful but I seemly have lagged behind the developed times with no enough knowledge about high-tech products, like the magic mirror phone. But I’m not desperate or distressed because I have time and chance to learn that and experience that. And I definitely believe I will have good command of the leading information about society, apart from my own major and business.
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