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Top Ipad cases

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

If you want spare no expense for a genuine leather iPad case then take a look at Piel Frama Premium Leather Case with MAGNETIC Closure, black color with tan lining. It’s made from handcrafted Spanish leather. Sure it’s expensive but the feel you get from touching it and the magnetic enclosure system ensures dead easy operation and make this one a collector’s item, not just an iPad Case.

As many cases, the Piel Frama also can be used as an iPad stand, with two angles, one for reading and one for typing/working. Special measured cutouts provide easy access to all buttons and ports so you won’t ever need to take out your iPad from the case to charge or sync it If you want to purchase it as a gift it’s important to know that it comes attractively packaged in Piel Frama gift box. This is one of the best iPad cases and there’s nothing stopping you from buying it (maybe except price).

This might be as close as you can get to a premium leather iPad case for your gadgets, as the Tuff-Luv (funny name) features the already known from the auto industry Nappa leather cover which ensures a smooth finish, nice looks and comfortable feeling while holding it in hand. It will also wrap nicely on your iPad. It might seem pretty costly at almost 60 bucks, but it’s not if you consider that most of the price comes from the quality leather, which you can’t fake on a cheap product.

Tuff Luv multi-view Napa Leather case cover for Apple iPad

Besides quality, the Tuff-Luv case cover features no less than 5 settings so you can use it as an integrated multi-view angle stand, not just carry your gadget around safely. The Tuff-Luv carrying case also provides a luxury book-style reading experience for your favorite magazines in portrait mode and features a stylish high-quality leather cover to protect your iPad screen from scratches and bruises. It’s not the best iPad case but is top 3 for sure.

This is another case of a multifunction iPad accessory, that doubles as a protective carrying case and iPad stand altogether. A built in stand for watching videos or giving presentations is included from factory. Add to this the genuine leather cover case and you get a functional and good looking case for your iPad. A screen protector is also included to protect the screen against scratches. Cut out openings ensure all controls remain accessible. Take a look below at the pictures and see how the DermaPad iPad Leather case with stand looks like in the instances you will use it.

DermaPad Ipad Leather Case with Stand

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Go for High Quality IPad Cases

Monday, October 11th, 2010

When you buy a gadget you love,especially the fabulous and fantastic iPad, you undoubtedly will do everything you can to protect it. That’s more than necessary in today’s world where almost all gadgets feature big gorgeous screens that are a delight to use but a nightmare to clean and keep scratch free. Well, if you own a wonderful iPad in want of terrific iPad Case, I have two practical and great iPad cases to share with you.

1.Belkin Pleated Sleeve – 33.62$

This iPad case is one of the oldest peripheral manufacturers that has a special line of products designed to go with the Apple lineup. It’s no wonder they also have a protective sleeve for iPad, which is a little more than you are used to thanks to it’s pleated surface that’s meant to protect your tablet in case of accidental drops plus they provide more cushion when housed inside your backpack. The Belkin Pleated Sleeve is meant to carry your iPad plus all your accessories like the charger. The case is made from made of durable neoprene and can be hand-wash with mild soap and water. For business oriented people it’s also available in Black for the same price.

2.XGear Traveler Folio Case

Before dismissing this iPad case for its pretty high price tag take a look at it and let me just tell you what is it made from: rugged ABS front cover with carbon fiber design. That’s right, it’s a hard cover protecting case with a carbon fiber finish. It’s not carbon fiber, as it would cost a few hundred bucks but is as close as it gets to a Formula 1 monopost without the astronomical price. The XGear Traveler Folio case is not just nice to hold in hand but is also practical, featuring special pockets for your business cards and travel documents. It has all you need in a sleek and slim package. You can even use it as a stand for your iPad, while sitting on a desk and typing with a wireless keyboard detached from it for example

By the way, against the backdrop of sweeping high-tech ear, advanced and newfangled electronics have hit the market making a splash and gained immense popularity among general publics. Needless to say, the craze for the vintage and sophisticated IPad Accessories is a case in point. Well, as we can see, although the lunar calendar now officially pointing to autumn, the temperature beyond doubt on its way down, but bandwagon for the cool and classic iPad accessories is in the ascendancy and the popularity of multifarious iPad Accessories is going from strength to strength and of course they are sought after both on the Online Marketplace and at real department stores.

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Fashion Guide to Ipad Cases

Monday, October 11th, 2010

As of today, there are five broad categories of iPad Case: shells, play-through cases, sleeves, flip-style cases, and bags—the latter including purses and murses. And there are four different types of film designed to protect the iPad’s screen from scratches, smudges, and other issues. Trust us when we say that we’re literally surrounded by them, as we’ve spent the last month evaluating dozens of different options from developers all over the world, and went through literally all of them in the process of finalizing this article. Our Complete Guide to iPad Cases and Protection is a fast-paced discussion of over 70 different options, quickly providing you with photographs, links to additional information, and the key differentiators that make individual cases and film protectors stand out.

Though we’re not issuing ratings for the time being, what you’ll find in the following six pages are clear opinions on which cases and screen protectors are the best and the worst in the bunch, as we’ve sorted each category individually to spotlight the factors that matter to us and you. Read on for all the details, and check our ever-growing IPad Accessories gallery as we continue to add new releases to the collection.
We’re not huge fans of shell-style cases—add-on rear plates for iPads—because they tend to be just as expensive as full play-through cases while offering less protection. But there are some designs that are better than others. Here’s how the current some options rank on Online Marketplace.

1. Switch Easy Nude Arriving later than its rivals, Nude has the advantage of extra development time, which SwitchEasy obviously used to polish its shell to near-perfection. The speaker holes are precisely cut out, as is the microphone hole, and all of the other side controls and ports have U-shaped grooves that are tightly contoured to their exact measurements. If you’re planning to use only Apple headphones and Dock Connector cables, this’ll be no issue, but the accessory holes are going to be tight for larger options—Apple’s Camera Connection Kit just barely connects, without securing entirely. That’s the only major knock on this otherwise side, top, and bottom-protective design, which comes with a ton of pack-ins, including two separate video stands and screen film, and is available in a number of colors. A minor issue: the glossy finish shows scratches.

2. Incipio Feather As the first shell out of the gate, Feather has two advantages over some rivals: included screen protection and a variety of different color options. While the soft touch rubber finish is only so-so—it tends to show finger smudges easily, like the screen protector—and neither the top nor the bottom of the case have the sort of added protection found on SwitchEasy’s Nude, the sides of Feather are very protective by current shell standards, and the case’s wide open ports are more accessory-friendly than Nude. Go with this one if colors matter to you.

3. Macally Metropad, Metrocpad, Metrompad covers. These three Macally shells are almost as simple as can be except for differences in color and texture. They offer less side protection than Feather and Nude, merely gripping the iPad by its corners, and therefore are essentially just anti-scratch guards for the iPad’s back. None includes screen protection, making them a markedly weaker value for the dollar than the others, but the clear and black versions have stabilizing dimples to keep the iPad from rocking on a flat surface, and the chrome version is the only such shell of that color we’ve seen. Though it’s scratchable and quite possibly the most dangerous thing a person could attach to an iPad that’s going to be used in a car, it’s the only shell you’d want to have on a desert island, because the mirrored surface is huge enough to flag down passing planes. The black soft touch version shows fewer marks than Incipio’s same-colored Feather.

From fashionable to functional, with a few hopefully meeting in the middle, we’re sure you’ll find a ipad case that caters to your taste from our hand-picked selection on Online Marketplace. Have a browse Topons.

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