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If Not Spoil Your Enthusiasm, Then Ipad AC Charger

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you might have heard that Apple has released its ipad. But what’s an iPad without accessories and, you’ve guessed it, they’ve already started hitting the shops to make the most of the hype surrounding the iPad’s release. So far, there’s a nice keyboard dock, a camera connection kit, conventional docks, power adapters and iPad AC Charger, and roughly as many different styles of carry bags and cases as there were units sold on the first day.

Just like iPad Car Charger, which is a must to be carried along when you are driving your car, so that you can stay connected while you are on the move and away from your home or office, iPad AC Charger is must have ipad accessory.

The iPad requires more juice than the iPhone or any iPod. As a result, no iPhone or iPod chargers we tested—AC or auto—were able to charge the iPad as quickly as its own 10-Watt USB ipad AC charger. Higher-power USB chargers, such as Apple’s iPhone Power Adapter and some AC and auto chargers designed specifically for the iPhone, will charge the iPad, albeit more slowly, even while the iPad is in use. Other iPhone chargers, and most chargers designed for iPods, don’t provide enough juice to charge the iPad’s battery while the iPad is being used; you’ll see the message Not charging in the iPad’s menu bar. (These lower-power accessories will power the iPad during use; they just can’t charge the battery at the same time. When you put the iPad to sleep, the iPad’s battery will charge, but very slowly.)

Scosche Industries has two new additions to its quickly expanding IPad Accessories line – reVIVE II Dual USB Ipad AC Chargers for home and car. Each of the two reVIVE II chargers features a 2.1A (iPad) and 1A (iPhone or any other USB-powered devices) port so iPad users can power their new iPad and another handheld device simultaneously from one wall outlet or car power port.

Should users confuse the two USB ports the iPad will charge slower in the 1A port and other devices will simply charge at the same rate in the 2.1A port – the company says no devices would be damaged by mistakenly plugging the wrong device into the wrong port and the ports are clearly labeled to help avoid any confusion.

If you are looking for ipad accessories like ipad AC charger, online marketplace is what you should choose. Topons provides fast, efficient and safe charging ipad AC charger wherever you may be.

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