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Measuring for High Heel Boots

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Whether you’ve chosen a pair of smart sexy riding boots, some killer heels, or this season’s great boots, it is important to ensure they fit correctly. To do so couldn’t be easier and makes sure that your new purchase will be comfortable enough to enjoy every day, whether you plan to wear your hot new [1] High Heel boots for work or going out.
For High Heel Boots, simply sit down, place your foot flat on the floor and use a measuring tape – or if you don’t have one to hand, a piece of string and a ruler – to measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point. Make sure to wrap the measuring tape reasonably tight, leaving no gaps between it and the skin. After measuring both legs, simply use the larger of the two figures and select your size accordingly.
To ensure a boot is the right height for you, simply sit with your knee at ninety degrees and place your foot flat on the floor then, touching your heel, measure from upwards from the ground to see where on your leg the top of the boot will sit. Should the measurement fall in line with the crease of your knee, these boots are likely to be uncomfortable whilst sitting, and rub on your joint. The length of the bootleg given is from the bottom of the boot itself and does not include any high-heel or platform. It is also worth noting that larger shoe sizes and calf sizes often mean the leg of the boot itself will be longer, however this is also dependant on the style of the footwear.
When measuring for your gorgeous [2] new High Heel boots, there are a few important points to bear in mind, in order to ensure the best possible fit. Firstly, it is necessary that should you plan to wear your new boots with thick socks or tights, that you wear these whilst measuring. Similarly, if you plan to tuck your trousers into the leg of your boots, you should take the width measurement over the top of your clothes, rather than from your bare leg. You should also consider the fact that most knee high boots come with a small elastic section at the top allowing stretch of at least a centimetre, and that similarly leather and suede will give slightly as the boot is worn in.
It is also important to note that the ankle size of a boot changes with the leg width, and that this area of the footwear should allow for movement. It is possible, if you have large or slim ankles in comparison to your calves, that certain styles will fit better than others. If you have wide or narrow feet, you should also note that whilst most boots are manufactured with a standard C fit for leg widths between 30cm and 40cm, boots with calf measurements between 40cm and 50cm often boast a slightly wider width fitting. If in doubt, it is advisable to talk to a member of staff before ordering your [3] Womens Boots.

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