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Magic Mirror Phone Got Me

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Yesterday I was put on the spot when my young cousin phoned me asking what Magic Mirror Phone is. Actually I have given no damn about what the hell with mirror of phone and I even got confused by mirror and phone thing. Honestly I really couldn’t figure out where he heard about the strange words and the damn relation between mirror and phone with world of difference. But for the sake of saving my face, I searched the internet and suddenly it dawned upon me that the magic mirror phone is a brand new phone having hit the market and made a splash and at the very time I felt shamed of my ignorance against the backdrop of advanced and updating technology era and all the more

Well, with no exaggerating, the multifarious creative magic mirror phones on the Online Marketplace served as not only visual feast but also eye-opener to me. What’s more, at the searching time, I was also attracted by another high-tech innovative phones, such as Flashlight TV Phone, watch phone and the like. They are extraordinarily amazing and awesome. Additionally I stumbled upon impressive news about magic mirror phones from Philips, the renowned brand at the forefront of the electronics world. Here comes the news.

For the narcissists in the house, Philips new 639 cellphone has a special PolyLED external screen that transforms into a mirror and can also dispay animations and caller ID. To be specific, Philips has applied PolyLED technology in the Philips 639’s sensational ‘Magic Mirror’ display screen on the outside of the phone’s clamshell design. With the phone in standby mode, the display provides a clear mirror – ideal for consumers who need to check their appearance on the move. As soon as the phone receives a call or a message, the mirror becomes the display. This can be further discovered on the phone’s primary high-resolution 65K colors TFT display. The Magic Mirror is also a versatile display screen, capable of showing a variety of animations. The display also provides a unique ‘window’ on incoming calls: the Mirror feature or the identity of a caller can be seen through the mirror with the phone’s new IconCall feature which allows fast, easy identification.

Well, I’d say technologies as well as creativity of humans are overwhelmingly powerful but I seemly have lagged behind the developed times with no enough knowledge about high-tech products, like the magic mirror phone. But I’m not desperate or distressed because I have time and chance to learn that and experience that. And I definitely believe I will have good command of the leading information about society, apart from my own major and business.
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Cheap Iphone i9 and Iphone i9b with High Quality and Cool Appearances

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Among many other features that I will discuss later, a feature that stands out in the Iphone I9 is that it is Java enabled, and therefore third party applications and software can be downloaded giving it expandability. This means that the office bug can run window’s applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook that was not possible before. Also, the gamester can freak out on captivating Java games. Another interesting feature of Iphone i9 is the increased memory. The memory of the Iphone i9 can be expanded up to 8GB as compared to the 2GB of the original. Yes, it was earlier available with 4GB, but recent handsets are packing the whopping 8GB of memory. Sleek and elegant in appearance, the Iphone i9 is a tad slimmer, smaller and lighter. It has manageable dimensions and suits the user’s ego as well as his pocket as a new generation phone.The Iphone i9 does not cost much. You can often find them in the low $100 range. Considering all that you are getting, this is a great phone that is absolutely worth the money if a clone is what you are looking for.
The Iphone i9b differs from the Iphone i9 in some functions though they bear much similarities. Most people consider the i9B more of a third generation (3G) type phone. One example of the features associated with this is the life video conferencing. You can talk with, and interact with someone via video using this phone. The Iphone i9 does not have this. The Iphone i9b has firmware that has been upgraded slightly. And, the appearance is more similar to the iPhone 3G with the rounded back. But the Iphone Mobile Phone - IPhone I9B is a bit larger and heavier than iphone i9. It weighs about 90 grams and has the dimensions of 110 x 60 x 11.5 mm; in contrast, the Iphone i9b weighs 135 grams and measures 115 X 63 X 12 mm. However, this is only a slight difference. This will not be a huge factor for many people, but folks who have the smallest model as their criteria and don’t really care about the upgrades may like the Iphone i9 better.

If you feel that you need the latest appearance, want the rounded back, extra icons, or another color, and also, if you have the need for the live video conferencing, then you would need the Ipone i9b. Otherwise, Iphone i9 can also be one of your best choice. If you want to buy these two models, can be your best choice. It is a China Online Marketplace and the two models are selling hot in it. I can share a coupon that can cut 10% off the prices with you, the code is ACD8J.

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Stronger, Faster or Weaker, Slower HiPhone 3GS Hit Market ?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The HiPhone 3GS is billed as a more powerful, feature-laden follow-up to the 3G, which the company says revolutionized the way people use mobile phones. The 3GS features a similar look to the current HiPhone, complete with a sleek rectangular shape and a large touch screen. But the phone comes packed with new features inside. The 3GS has a new camera that shoots video and zooms. A touch-screen feature also lets iPhone photographers tap the area of the photo they would like to put into focus. The new phone reportedly will have a longer battery life.

Since the release of Hiphone 3GS, Is the Apple Hiphone 3GS having overheating issues? I’ve seen some reports circulating on the Web today that indicate some handsets might indeed be affected. And I have my own tale to add to fray.

The story began at French site, with a piece that showcases a discolored white iPhone 3GS whose owner says the discolorations came from the device noticeably heating up during use of the GPS over 3G wireless. This tale and image has circulated today at other U.S. gadget sites, including Gizmodo and Engadget.
For me, I had noticed from day one that the Hiphone 3G Phone appeared to have similar heat issues to HiPhone 3G: The phone’s back got warm during use. I thought it curious that handset still got warm in many of the same areas as with the 3G, in part because, Apple had specifically told me that the components inside were reconfigured as compared with the 3G model.

I didn’t think too much of this heat thing — I recall the lower inch of the T-mobile G1 getting toasty, too, when I had tested that model — until last night. That was the first time I had used my 16GB iPhone 3GS while it was plugged into the wall outlet.

I don’t recall how long I had been using the handset, but I was making my way steadily along The Oregon Trail, thank you. And at some point, I became aware the handset had become very hot. Very, very hot — not just on the back, but the entire length of the front face, too. I was using a game, and then later the Web browser for reading the news about Michael Jackson, all over a Mini Hiphone - Hiphone WIFI 3G connection while plugged in. And in those circumstances, well…toasty doesn’t even describe how surprisingly hot it got. It was too hot to even put the phone against my face. No discoloration to report, though; I have the black handset, and didn’t see any effects.

After my own experience, I wondered if this was an isolated case, or if this was a sign of something bigger. The blog appears to confirm that this may not be an isolated case. Anyone else noticing heat issues?

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Shopping Cheap Iphone 3G phones

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The Iphone 3G phone, as we all know, has been so popular among the world. The Cheap Iphone 3G Phone owns so many functions that we can use it more convenient and cofortable. No one will have any trouble recognizing the new device from the face of the iphone 3G phone as it’s essentially identical to the original iPhone.

The move to plastic seemed almost inevitable now that the iPhone has so many radios, frequencies, and antenna needs (GSM, EDGE, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS), but while we do prefer the original aluminum, the plastic does feel pretty solid and not at all flimsy, which is more than we can say for a hell of a lot of handsets. There’s no doubt about the fact that we’d have preferred a matte or soft-touch finish to the glossy plastic, but that’s all a matter of taste.

Anyone that’s used the original iPhone knows what a delight the device can be to use — except when using the old mail app — but the hardware is only one part of that. An accurate capacitive touchscreen and well optimized mobile processors form the basis of that experience, but the iPhone continues to derives its real power in usability. The iPhone 3G and the second release of mobile OS X have given the device numerous useful new features while keeping in line with expectations that they not slow down the experience, nor overwhelm new or experienced users. So far, so good.

The IPhone 3G Style F003 WiFi JAVA TV Dual Sim Quad Band Unlocked AT and T T-Mobile Cell Phones Mobile: As an unlocked Quad Band phone, you can use this phone to make calls anywhere in the world. And with support for two SIM cards, you can enjoy the convenience of having two numbers on one phone. This beautiful 3.2inch touch screen cell phone features WiFi and Java, so you can work or play online at any time. Set up your POP3 or IMAP4 email account to send and receive email in WiFi hotspots like Starbucks. You can also chat on MSN, and of course, you can surf the web with Opera Mini! With a only 3.2inch F003 Touch Screen, the Mini Hiphone phone has also the multifunctions of WiFi Java, Dual SIM, MSN, Tvand Bluetooth!

If you are looking for some cheap and high-qualified Hiphone 3G phones or Hiphone Phone, you can choose to buy from China. The hiphone phones made in China have more functions than original ones. You can try to find some more information about them in I can share a coupon that can cut 10% off the price of Topons with you, and the code is ACD8J.

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Funny Laser Pointer, Foil to Romance

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Well, a Electronics Gadgets - Laser Pointer is a small laser designed to highlight something of interest by projecting a small bright spot of colored light onto it. Most laser pointers have low enough power that the projected beam presents a minimal hazard to eyes for incidental exposure. The laser beam is not in itself visible from the side, but is visible as a result of light scattered by dust particles along the beam path. The small width of the beam and low power of typical laser pointers make the beam itself invisible in a reasonably clean atmosphere, showing a point of light when striking an opaque surface. In light of the colorful and dazzling beams of the funny laser pointers, here I’d say it’s not only advisible as pet toys but also can serve as a foil to romance between the loving couples.

Admittedly, laser pointers provided by China manufacturer dealers and sought after on the Online Marketplace can be used as toys for pets, especially for cats in play. Some offer a selection of designs for the laser beam to project (e.g. images of butterflies, mice, or flowers), to provide variety and perk up the cats, especially when they feel boring.

But as for me, I think the funny laser pointers can be taken advantage of by the loving couples when they are lingering in the room alone. Just think of the dazzling and enchanting beams in the evening parties, can any one deny that the beams mean nothing and make no difference? Actually when I stumble onto the movie scene rightly with the dazzling beams, they do stir my emotion and remind me of the romantic things. In this regard, the red-orange laser pointer, yellow laser pointer, green laser pointer, blue and violet laser pointer will beyond doubt make difference and serve as foil to contribute to more romantic color. What’s more, the laser pointer are easy and cheap to buy for the loving couples. But the point to note is that the beams are undoubtedly detrimental to people’s eyes, so the users should bear it in mind and never stare at the dazzling beams. To be specific, the loving couples just put the colorful laser pointers down in the direction of front walls and then they should close their eyes to linger against the beams.

Anyway, I’d say the funny laser pointers will definitely bring you loving couples unexpected surprise and believe it or not, it deserves a try, but take care!

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7-inch Car DVD Player with GPS + DAB-T

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

A complete navigation, communication, and entertainment solution are in a solid 7 Inch Car DVD Player with GPS + DAB-T (100mm tall) unit. This car stereo system comes with GPS functionality, a CD / DVD player, Bluetooth pairing, USB and SD card slots, an bipod connector and has a built-in DAB-T tuner to receive digital TV wherever it’s available. Driving is about to take on a whole new level of fun with this incredible all in one car AV package!

If you love your car and want to make it a pleasure palace on wheels, you’ll love this 7-inch car DVD player with GPS and DVB-T. Its onboard WIN CE operating system supports most of today’s most popular GPS navigation software titles and functions like intelligent route planning, points of interest suggestions, the ability to download changes submitted by millions of other GPS users. Add to that an extra long 3 meter magnetic GPS antenna and you’ve got yourself an invitation to take to the open road and never look back. Great news for people who like to hit the road without a plan!

Do you or your kids like watching TV? Then attach the long DVB-T antenna and you’ll be able to receive digital TV channels wherever it’s available. Now instead of listening to the football match on the radio, you can actually watch it too!

This intuitive car navigation system boasts an easy to use interface, a solid 7-inch Car DVD Player with GPS + DVB-T (2-DIN) metal body, and a generous array of useful functions like Bluetooth technology meaning you can keep in touch with home or office by pairing your mobile phone to the unit. The benefit to you is that you’ll be able to talk into the built-in MIC while listening to your caller through your car’s speaker system.

But what about fun you ask? This car audio unit can run multiple disk types along with a heavy assortment of audio and video multimedia files from both USB drives and SD cards, as well as iPods for added portability. Whether you’re a fan of The Fast and Furious or Heroes, movies and TV shows will display beautifully on the motorized sliding 7-inch LCD touchscreen display panel.

Change the way you experience the road with this new car multimedia system. Hit the “Add to Cart” button right away because at such an affordable price the CVFX-C23 is sure to fly off the shelves of your online store. This car 7 inch car DVD player with GPS + DVB-T as well as Touch Screen Car DVD Player is available exclusively to customers of Topons on Online Marketplace (, the leader in direct from China wholesale electronics.

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Why Hiphone Not Iphone

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Needless to say, for an iPhone-knock off, the HiPhone is pretty decent. But the common parlance has it that Hiphone has the looks of the iPhone, but still lack heart and soul of the iPhone. Ok, if that’s the case, why great deals of general publics prefer turn to HiPhone 3GS instead of so-called legendary iphone? Of course, me counted in and there are underlying reasons for this kind of seemly phenomenon.

In my perspective, the first reason goes to that the Hiphone 3GS share almost same function and properties as the high-tech iphone mobile phone with updating technologies and transformation. In addition, the Hiphone 3GS avails against the high-tech iphone if taking general publics’ purchasing power into consideration. No exaggerating, the iphone nowadays is commensurate with luxuries to most ordinary publics struggling for life but longing for multifunctional mobile phone. Beyond doubt no one would refuse to buy good things at low price. Last but not least, against the backdrop of ceaselessly updating information technology, it’s really not advisable to buy expensive electric products at a fancy price in that we contemporaries set great store by new things and change and tend to buy new products and then discard the old things, of course, the Hiphone TV Phone or <Mini Hiphone - Mini Hiphone 3G.
In light of the above-mentioned comment, I’d say it’s relatively wise to buy the multifunctional Hiphone 3Gs to experience the high-tech and meanwhile spare a lot of money. Well, if you take an interest and wanna pick Hiphone 3G3, here comes something amazing about the Hiphone 3GS for your information.

Operating Frequency: GSM Network Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

SIZE: 115*61*11.6 mm Weight/package: 115g

Color: Cool black Talk time: 200–380min

Style: Bar Standby time: 200–420h

Additional features

Language: English/French/Spainish/Portuguese/Germen/Malaysia/Vietnamese/Russian/Arabic/Indonesian/Turkish/Thai

LCD Size: 3.2 inch, 16000 thousand color; PX: 240*320px

Ringtone: 64 chord; Ringtone format: MP3, MIDI

Music: Play MP3 at background, equalizer, bluetooth stereo

Video: 3GP, MP4, support to play 3GP/MP4 in full screen

FM radio: FM stereo, can play outside directly with earphone

Camera: 13.0 lacpixel; The max output is 1280*1024, video is 385*288, support to shoot with sound, the time depends on storage

ROM: 8G storage

Data Transfer: USB cable/U disc/ Bluetooth stereo

Standby Photo: JPG, GIF

Galnaume Platform: Java

Main features

Telephone directories: 300 groups, incoming ringtone, MP3 as ringtone

SMS & MMS: 200messages, MMS

Schedule power on/off: Support auto start/close, can set user-defined photo of start/close

Alarm clock: 4 groups; Can set from Monday to Sunday at random

Games: 2 common games, bulit-in gravity inducer, support to download JAVA and can be set up in the memory car

More information: MP3/MP4/Handsfree/SMS group sending/Voice recorder/WAP/Handwritten input/Radio/Bluetooth/GPRS download/MMS/E-book/Coming call firewall/calendar/alarm
clock/remit converter/unit converter/world time/quad-band/succinct appearance/JAVA2.0/gravity inducer/sliding unlock

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Pocket TV Phone, Excellent TV Experience

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Imagine turning on your mobile phone to watch breaking news or an entertainment program! Be it a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson or a Samsung or a Motorola, the wireless mobile phone has become an addiction. We thought technology had reached its peak when the cell phone amalgamated other features of entertainment like SMS, MMS, colored screen, radio, blue tooth, infrared etc. We thought that was all. Needless to say, the high-tech TV Cell Phone is fabulous and extraordinarily awesome.

It happens quite often that we miss some of our favorite television shows because we have other things to attend to and curse our wretched luck, for stealing from us our precious moments in front of the TV. However worse the concept of “couch potato” may sound, we actually stay back at home and avoid outings just to catch an episode of ‘Frasier’, ‘Friends’ or even ‘Desperate Housewives”. Imagine instead, if you were given the benefit of watching TV on a device as small as your palm! That would indeed be a boon. All that is needed is implanting chips in mobile phones and other devices that have the ability to capture and process digital signals bounced off satellites specially for the purpose.

TV Mobile Phones are sure to be a raging success and might far surpass the popularity of other data services, SMS, ring tones, caller tunes, free downloads etc. This invention may prove to be a blessing for those who commute for hours. They can just turn on their favorite channel and watch the transmission. It won’t be surprising if these TV cell phones, sought after both on the Online Marketplace and at real department stores, become a necessity and take the place of our bulky television sets or computers!

Investors have great hopes and see a bright future in this industry. And why wouldn’t they? The prospect of seeing what is happening around the world on a simple, small device is far too attractive. And that too whenever you want to, irrespective of where you are. Of course, before all this can materialize, wireless networks have to make considerable progress in areas of quality, speed, space etc. Longer battery life must be ensured as well. But this won’t be too long. It is after all, worthwhile. With the television in your pocket, gone are the days of immense boredom! No fear of missing your favorite TV program. Tune in to your choice, whenever, wherever because now your television is just a pocket away!

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New Watch, New Phone—What a Win-win

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Well, is times changes at full speed against the backdrop of information technologies or am I far lagging behind the modern times? Yesterday I almost pulled a boner and made a fool of myself when I was astonished at a watch thing in the mobile phone store. If it hadn’t been my friend telling me that’s Keyboard Watch Phone, I would have asked the phone store clerk why watched are sold in the mobile phone stores. At the very moment I felt shamed and embarrassed for my ignorance. But meanwhile I really admire the innovative phone integrating with the classic watch design which refreshing people’s eyes. Needless to say, it’s a perfect and impressive win-win.

To be frank, after I went home, I searched the internet and found that the Fashionable Watch Phones have hit the market and come to the fore making a splash as best seller Watch Phone. And I was captivated by the amazing CCK EG110 Tri Band Keyboard Watch Phone. Here comes something amazing about the fabulous keyboard watch phone and I bet you guys will also marvel at and be profoundly impressed by the marvelous high-tech keyboard watch phone.



Keyboard+handwriting input

Tri-band phone

FM radio


Multi-Language: English, French,Russian,Arabic


? Network: GSM 900/1800/1900MHZ

? Available Language: English, French,Russian,Arabic

? Display Size:1.3 inch, 128×160 pixels

? Ringtones Type: Polyphonic (64 channels);Support mp3 ringtone

? Music: Support MP3 background play, support equalizer

? Video:3GP / MP4, support to play in full screen, forward and pause

? Camera:0.3 Megapixel camera

? Internal Memory: Packed with 512M TF card, support extend card

? Data transfer: USB cable / Bluetooth

? Connectivity: GPRS / WAP

? Phonebook: Can store 500 entries

? Messaging: SMS, MMS

? Dimension:65*48*18MM

? Weight:40g

? Stand-by time:100-280 hours

? Talk time:100-250 minutes

? Games: Two common games

Additional Features

? Bluetooth

? MP3 / MP4 fluent player

? Handwritten

? Handsfree

? Calendar

? Memo

? Alarm clock

? World time

? Calculator

? Voice recorder

? Support memory card to extend


? Support GPRS


? Caller picture

? Caller ring tone

? Currency converter

What’s in the box

1 x earphone

1 x cable

1 x charger

1 x 512MB TF memory card

2 x batteries

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Green Laser Pointer Pen on Sake of Health

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The advances in laser technology application over the past few decades had made people wonder what life would be like if we had not discovered the beauty of the process. “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” is a process which is now known as Laser. We can find laser in multitude of consumer products such as printer, scanner, video CD, medical equipment, laser pointer, etc. Laser has not surprisingly become our faithful servant just like pen and pencil. The use of Electronics Gadgets - Laser pointer Pen for teaching and presentation is very much a routine. However, how many users are aware of the potential problems associated with its use?

Green Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is the ultimate in style for any presentation or lecture. True 18k gold plating gives this green laser pointer an unforgettable shine, and the laser itself is as impressive and reliable as any of our regular Lyra series pointers. The highly focused green beam will be visible against projection or HDTV screens where other less powerful lasers can get washed out. This special limited edition laser makes a great gift for the person on your list who enjoys a little bit of flash in their wardrobe and wants their accessories to look as good as they do!

Just pressing one button, a presenter can clearly pinpoint to the audience the message on the presentation slide which is many meters away. The highly focused light beam generated by the laser pointer can travel a long distance without diverging and create a bright spot on the surface it illuminates. Since the beam does not diverge, it conserves very much all of its energy after leaving the barrel and before hitting the target.

Conventional laser pointer usually comes with a low-powered red laser. The laser beam of the pointer is generated by a laser diode which produces the red wavelength. Since the power of the laser beam is relatively low, proper use of the pointer will not normally cause any safety concerns. Recently, a more attractive green laser pointer is available in the market. The green laser pointer has a definite advantage over the red as human eyes’ response to the green wavelength is far more sensitive than the red. The green dot appears much brighter to the audience than the red dot. However, the laser diode which produces the green wavelength is not commonly available and it takes a complicated set-up to generate the green beam. With the set-up, the power of the green laser pointer can easily go over 100mW, whereas, the power of the conventional red pointer is normally less than 5 mW.

Purchasing laser pointer pen from Online Marketplace, Funny Gadgets suppliers, you will get it at the most attractive price while guarantee the quality.

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